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From life’s clear lake of experience spring the words of liberation.

Welcome. I am Lisa Sandoval. I am a writer, researcher, linguist, nonprofit management and international development professional, cross-cultural communicator, mother, and partner. The selections on these pages represent the research papers, essays, and memos I have produced while a graduate and undergraduate student, as well as more creative pieces I have written independently. I have a Master of Public Administration from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, with a focus on international development, social change, refugees, and mental health care in the Arab world, as well as Arabic. I have Bachelor of Arts in French from Goucher College, where I focused on post-colonialism, francophone literature, poetry, philosophy, and dance. I have studied abroad in Paris, France; Damascus, Syria; and Amman, Jordan. My skills include writing, research, translation, strategic thinking, consulting, policy analysis, data analysis, and fundraising operations.

Still waters run deep.

The name Liberation Life Lake represents who I am as a person – my depth and stillness, from which comes insight, clarity, and strength. It suggests my constant pursuit of freedom from whatever holds me back from experiencing life in its fullest and being myself.